The recent big winners at the Gardel 2022 Wos Awards gala, Knowing Russia, Marilina Bertoldi, Dillom, Zoe Gotusso, Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso will be the main attractions at the return of the New Generation festival, which will take place on November 20 at the Kempes Stadium.

It will be a day of more than ten hours of music spread over three stages through which a new group of artists will parade, whose complete line-up will be announced in the coming weeks.

But it will also mean the return after the start of the pandemic of this musical encounter in which established figures such as Nicki Nicole, Nathy Peluso and Bizarrap took their first steps, and where unexpected collaborations took place on stage, such as when Babasónicos and Duki coincided .

In this way, Nueva Generación joins the long list of federal festivals and adds one more musical event to a traditional plaza like Córdoba, host of Cosquín, among others.