Julio disembarks with four new independent theater works selected in the Nuevas Miradas call, carried out by the Córdoba Cultura Agency through the Subdirectorate of Performing Arts. Is about Kiss Me a lot, Aunt’s room, The magical water of the enchanted mount Y The world didn’t stop.

The productions last between 30 and 40 minutes, and will go on stage in different cultural spaces in the province. One of them can be seen virtually.

The Nuevas Miradas program seeks to promote independent theatrical activity by bringing the new expressions of Cordovan theater closer to the public, understanding that this artistic activity is necessary for the development of the performing arts in particular and for culture in general.


Kiss Me a lot

When: Friday 1 at 21. Where: La Brújula Theater (Rivadavia 1452, Córdoba). Tickets: Reservations at 3516438385 and on the room page.

Five workers of a company chaotically go through the arduous task of delivering messages of love. Melodramatic serenades, cloying letters and other services for loveless clients… But what is love? Desire? Eroticism? Pleasure? Is it built? Neither [email protected] they know it”, advances the official synopsis.

Aunt’s room

When: Sunday 3 at 3:30 p.m. Where: Museum of the city (Integrating Park Acceso Sur, Unquillo). Entry: to the hat.

Three mountain actresses find a key belonging to a room in a house in Unquillo… ‘Bah… Not Unquillo! Cabin!’. Tita Merello vacationed there and some of the objects that possibly belonged to the great Buenos Aires artist reach the hands of these artists who, admired for the strength, courage and talent of the great Argentine brunette, decide to honor her. They do it in the street, where they wait for the communion with the public that perhaps was lucky enough to cross it through the neighborhood, but also with the new generations that cannot fail to learn the story of an independent woman who went against the current and knew elbow your way ”, advances the official synopsis.

The magical water of the enchanted mount

When: Thursday 7 at 4 p.m.

Virtual: The work can be seen on the Youtube channel Puppets Mate de Luna. The video will remain available until Sunday, July 24.

“Alegría is a protective girl from the mountain who loves to do magic to help everyone. Fioso is a powerful mage who comes from distant lands in search of more and more power. Fioso, after stealing the magic staff, takes the water with him, then Alegría and her friends from the mountain, El Duende Sacha and Sapolises, challenge him to a magic duel. Will they get him to return the water? The work deals with the issue of the importance of water for all living beings and how its appropriation affects the community in a particular way”, advances the official synopsis.

The world didn’t stop

When: Saturday 9 at 8:30 p.m. Where: Merlina Trinchera Circus Hall (Padre Luis Monti 2332. B° Pueyrredón, Córdoba). Tickets: to the hat.

“Two characters who from humor, the circus, go through different situations, embodying a different role in each one of them. From the stage (their space for political action) these characters are reflected, related, linked with the public through their daily life, which is the same as that of any other person. Your life in a day, your problems due to lack of work, homelessness, economic problems, your children’s education, etc. But at the same time the constant need to think of oneself as a community, through collective practices, its bond between the inhabitants of the neighborhood, the coexistence between neighbors and everything that this brings with it”, advances the official synopsis.