One might think that the typical argument that begins with the purchase of a property where later a true horror story begins is the one used by the director of this new Netflix series to give free rein to the imagination of viewers. . However, nothing could be further from reality, the series created by Murphy and Ian Brennan is an adaptation of a 2018 New York Magazine article about The Watcher. The story is based on real events and tells about the Broaddus family, who decided to sell the rights to their story.

Maria Broaddus and Derek Broaddus bought a property located at 657 Boulevard in Westfield in 2014, there they saw how their new life project began to turn into a true nightmare for a particular reason. The couple will have to face endless problems when they try to move there with their children.

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The feature film portrays the true story of a house in Westfield, New Jersey and some new tenants who end up being prevented by a “caretaker” from living in it. A series of intimidating and threatening letters signed by a person who called himself El vigilante, who told them that the house had been bought by his grandfather, then by his father and now it was his turn, began to generate fear in the new owners. The letters had personal information about the Broaddus, their children, their financial situation, so the family had to go to the police.

The series will not take long to catch the viewer. What at first appears to be a joke will soon take on other aspects.

Watch the trailer here: