Netflix renewed its catalog again with a new premiere on its screen that in a few days was positioned within the top ten of the most viewed on the platform worldwide. It is a German production based on a famous bestseller written by the German Patrick Süskind that became a worldwide bestseller.

We are talking about The Perfumer, a thriller and crime film set in the 18th century. The story follows the life of a perfumer with an extraordinary sense of smell who is involved in a series of crimes and in the creation of a perfume that unleashes the most uncivilized instincts of those who smell it. The film is directed by Nils Willbrandt, and stars Emilia Schüle, Ludwig Simon, Robert Finster and August Diehl.

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Synopsis: “Sunny, an inspector who, by fate, has lost her sense of smell and her partner’s affection, so she decides to forge an alliance with a perfumer. However, he is not a conventional creator of aromas. This man does not hesitate to murder in order to obtain what is necessary to create the perfect fragrance”.

Watch the trailer here: