Mayor Martín Llaryora led the inauguration ceremony of the new COMIPAZ Prompt Care Hospital (HPA) on the former Forja property, located at Avenida del Trabajo 830, between Patria Avenue and Bulnes Boulevard, from Talleres Oeste neighborhood. As of this Tuesday at 8 in the morning, the residents of the northeast area of ​​the city will be able to attend this brand new medical center that will offer emergency and emergency services 24 hours a day.

In the words of Mayor Llaryora, and referring to the difficult situation the country is going through, he highlighted: “In one of the worst contexts in history, we created almost one hospital per year, that is, we multiplied more than 100% of hospitals before the end of our term, it is a record for any municipality that sets its mind to it.”

“This is a new hospital, one more. The city of Córdoba had three municipal hospitals, and we are going to build four more. They have the latest technology. I want to highlight 107, with first-rate ambulances that we bought, to save lives. Management is our best proposal”said the official before the cameras of channel c

It should be noted that this new hospital is capable of receiving less complex emergencies generating the decentralization of the Emergency Hospital, a center that will be used for more complex care,

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This new Hospital has the particularity of having a space for religious accompaniment for the relatives of the patients, it is a interfaith speaker where you can pray and that worships different beliefs promoting freedom of spiritual expression.

For their part, authorities of the COMIPAZ (Interreligious Committee for Peace) among them, the Archbishop of Córdoba Angel Rossi who gave the blessing to the hospital and the most fragile “For those who arrive at the doors of the hospital feel hugs and care.” while the rabbi Marcelo Polakoff stressed that “The different religious traditions pay attention to what happens to the other, which is never another, because it happens to us.”

By the end of the municipal administration, the creation of hospitals in the city will have doubled, together with the four new Prompt Care Hospitals that complement the Emergency, Children’s and Príncipe de Asturias Hospitals.