With the aim of re-strengthening the Central Bank’s reserves, Economy Minister Sergio Massa decided on a new edition of the soybean dollar that will begin next Monday. The program also has three objectives for greater collection.

In this case, the currency will have an inflation update and it will be implemented from this Monday until December 31.

The government agreement with the cereal companies has a guaranteed and signed floor of 3,000 million dollars, of an estimated total of around 10,000 million dollars that would be able to be liquidated.

Promotional financing for regional economies, subsidies to the poultry, bovine, dairy and pork value chains to increase production and a fund to maintain the value of family allowances.

The scheme also provides for a prize for the industrialization of soybeans to increase the incidence of oils and flours in the exports of the agro-industrial complex

The objective of the economic portfolio is to break the export record of the historical agro-industrial complex, in order to put it on the table in the debate on the global food security agenda that is discussed in the G20

From a fiscal point of view, the Government ensures compliance with the reserve goal that is expected to exceed 15%. This ends up being financing without the need for issuance.