Industrial design began to be booming in recent times, just visit offices or bars to see how this style has been gaining a place in interior design, even in houses and apartments or in modern and old constructions you can see this decoration type.

This style was born in New York in the 50’s when the factories and companies that closed due to the crisis began to be reused as homes for artists and immigrants. If there is something about industrial design, it is that it is timeless, so it never goes out of style.

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The industrial design combines contemporary comfort with open environments and exposed metal decoration.

Industrial design: The new trends for interior design • Channel C

The industrial style can be achieved in two ways: On the one hand, if there is an industrial building, structural characteristics can be highlighted by incorporating them into the design of the space. On the other hand, certain elements that refer to it can be placed: exposed slabs or installations, industrial lighting hoods, glass partitions, iron profiles, vaults and exposed brick walls, it is important to use a trowel cool in color with varying shades of grey, black and copper

Keys to achieve this design:

Antique furniture


Open spaces

minimalist decoration

Show beams, pipes and brick

Iron, steel and wood