Whatsapp is preparing to incorporate one of the most important functions within its platform. One of the things that most users have asked for for a long time: to have their account on two different telephone devices at the same time, something that will soon be possible thanks to the changes that the company will incorporate.

Meta has been working on WhatsApp so that it becomes a companion application or ‘Companion apps’ as they are called in English. In this way it will not be necessary to have your WhatsApp Business account to enjoy this functionality. Nor are we referring to using WhatsApp Web on another mobile from the browser.

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Android version will be the one that will have this option available. How will it work? Users will have to scan the QR code that the app has with another mobile, just as they already use in WhatsApp Web. However, it will not have basic functions such as sending real-time location.

At the moment this function is in the preparation phase, so we will have to wait for it to be available in the future for all devices. Meanwhile, people who already have this version of the test application in their possession are likely to be able to start using it.