WhatsApp continues to incorporate new updates to its platform. The surveys, the group chat tab, being able to hide when we are “online”, among others, are the latest changes that Meta will be gradually incorporating for users. Now, the latest news is the ability to create custom avatars

The new feature will allow users the ability to create sticker packs with their custom avatars, use them as profile pictures, or even use them as skins during video calls. The application itself will be in charge of automatically creating the stickers, so that users can share them with their friends through chats.

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In addition, as the avatars will be created in 3D format, they can also be used as a mask during video calls, thanks to the use of augmented reality. On the other hand, for now the avatar function is not yet available in WhatsApp, but it is expected that in a while it will be ready for all users of the application.