In recent days, WhatsApp has incorporated new features and tools into its platform with the aim of improving the experience of users who browse within it or simply help improve security within it. Here we tell you what are the latest additions to WhatsApp. It should be remembered that some are only available to some users of the application, since they are exclusive to WhatsApp Beta users.

However, little by little they will be incorporated globally so that a greater number of people will be incorporated as the days go by. That is why we recommend keeping WhatsApp updated to the latest version.

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1. Self-chat improvements: This feature will allow you to quickly access self-chat from the WhatsApp contacts page.

2. Profile pictures in group chats: Profile pictures of group participants will start appearing next to chat bubbles. Thus, it will be easier to know who each message corresponds to.

3. New logout page: the page that appears when you log out of WhatsApp has undergone several aesthetic changes,

4. Account security section: new section in the application settings where there are suggestions to improve account security, including activating two-step verification.