The deputy of Together for Change Martín Tetaz announced through social networks the presentation of a project that aims to repeal the tax on Personal Assets.

“With several deputies from JxC and other opposition parties, we have just presented a project to repeal the tax on Personal Assets,” said the legislator and economist in a post on Twitter, in which he also shared the two sheets that make up the initiative. .

Those who sign the text maintain that the tax “is meaningless” while “competing with provincial property taxes (IIRR and IIUU) reducing the sources of financing for local jurisdictions.” “It does not record on the patrimony, but on the assets, which are manifestations of the contributory capacity, breaking with the principle of equity claimed in art. 75 paragraph 2 of the Constitution” that provides for the imposition of contributions when the defense, common security and general good of the State require it.

The document has the signatures of Tetaz himself along with Rogelio Frigerio, Alejando Finocchiaro, Fernando Iglesias, Javier Milei, Victoria Villaruel, Laura Rodríguez Machado, Carlos Zapata, Aníbal Tortoriello, Hugo Romero, Alberto Asseff, Lidia Ascarate, Martín Arjol and Ximena García. , among others.

Source: NA