Officials, political parties and referents that are part of the opposition to the national government included in the session request the eight single ballot projects that have parliamentary status. The initiative was born in the barbecue shared weeks ago by Juan Schiaretti, Gerardo Morales, Emilio Monzó, Randazzo, Rogelio Frigerio, Pablo Javkin, Graciela Camaño, Ángel Rozas and Juan Manuel Urtubey, among others.

The request was headed by the deputy for Buenos Aires, Florencio Randazzo, but accompanied by Mario Negri (UCR), Alejandro “Topo” Rodríguez (Federal Interbloc), Maximiliano Ferraro (Civic Coalition), José Luis Espert (La Libertad Avanza), in addition of legislators from the PRO, the UCR and the provinces.

The call that they expect Massa to make is for next Thursday, May 5 at 12. None of the single ballot projects has an opinion, so it cannot be discussed in the venue without two thirds of the votes of those present to enable discussion.

Source: NA