The blue dollar registered a decrease of $1 yesterday and closed at $198 for purchase and $201 for sale, while stock prices continued to improve, according to the main financial market prices.

The price of the parallel dollar maintains the relative calm of recent days and with an exchange rate gap of 82.6% with respect to the wholesale dollar, at 110.07 pesos.

Among the financial dollars, the MEP or stock market rose 1% and closed above $199, while the cash with liquidation (CCL) registered increases of around 1.4% and 2% to settle above $200.

The official retail dollar advanced to $115.25 on the screens of Banco Nación and $115.33 in the average of financial entities, while the wholesaler closed the wheel at $110.07, with another increase of ten cents compared to the closing of the previous day.

So far in March, the official exchange rate accumulates a monthly rise of more than 2.4%, higher than the 2.32% advance registered throughout the previous month.

Global bonds in dollars with foreign law were traded with a slight drop of 0.4% on average, while JP Morgan’s country risk remained stable at 1,791 points.