Deputy Governor Manuel Calvo visited the town of Silvio Pellico to supervise the progress of the paving work on the road of the Provincial Route S-336 secondary network, which joins the southern access of said town and its intersection with Provincial Route No. 2. The president stressed that the paving of this 12.5-kilometer section will not only benefit the inhabitants of that town, but will also enhance the distribution of the productive sector in that region and the dairy sector in particular.

”This town did not have pavement access, which is why the joint decision of the provincial government and the Single Road Consortium is making a long-standing dream come true. This is productive development of a locality that has a strong added value in dairy products”, said the Deputy Governor.

”Here we not only arrived with the pavement, but also with the construction of the main gas pipelines, because almost 100% of the town has access to gas and more than 40% of the residents have already joined the home network, and the lines of fiber optics. All this allows for more development, more progress and a better quality of life for each one of the neighbors”, he pointed out.

With an investment of 286,000,000 pesos, the works are carried out within the framework of the Program for the Improvement of Rural Roads and have registered an advance of 85 percent. The project is expected to be completed in August.