He Ministry of Education of the province of Córdoba, will begin on February 23 and 24 the 2023 setting period in which new students will be welcomed.

It is about the entry of children and adolescents to their first school experience in the case of the initial level, and the transition from one educational level to another in relation to primary and secondary education, being a challenge for families and schools full of expectations, uncertainties and wishes.


  • Enable dialogue and listening about the doubts that their children may have in relation to the beginning of the school experience and/or the transition from one level to another. It is necessary to remember that this is a stage that requires patience and tolerance.
  • Guarantee the daily attendance of their children at school: the learning process implies traveling a path that, with the accompaniment of the teachers, questions are asked, answers are sought, alternatives are tested. Going to school every day promotes the development of the student’s job and guarantees that learning does not have interruptions that affect the students’ school trajectory.
  • Organize according to the possibilities of each family, times and spaces for study. As well as sharing and discussing television and radio programs and different virtual environments as a family, to the extent that they constitute social discourses that involve them. Sharing stories, promoting all situations in which reading and writing are necessary, pleasant and challenging.

As a school, it is important to accompany families and students, generating a space for exchange to work on the expectations of each one regarding the start of school, showing availability to answer questions, welcoming the other, expressing what is offered as an institution, whether in turn, prioritizing what characterizes the educational institution as a favorable place for learning socially valid knowledge.