Thrown out. This is the mayor of Córdoba, Martín Llaryora, in the race to succeed Governor Juan Schiaretti in 2023. In a matter of days, he accelerated meetings with other mayors, strengthened management with the purchase of road machinery, focused on the works with a completion date after June and observes surveys that arrive at the main office of the Palacio 6 de Julio.

In particular, those that equate him today with the two highest-grossing candidates that Together for Change has: Senator Luis Juez and radical deputy Rodrigo de Loredo. And in the race for the dispute to the governorship, in the hand to hand the man of the PJ today shows a difference. Above all, with the member of the upper house.

In recent days, numbers from CB Consultora, the pollster based in Río Cuarto that measured Judge, had been known in the survey that the senator himself took to the meeting with former president Mauricio Macri. And also, data from the same consultant was released last week that left Llaryora better positioned with respect to the other three mayors who passed through the city of Córdoba from 2003 to date: Judge, Daniel Giacomino and Ramón Mestre.

Meanwhile, the survey that became known this week was carried out by Corinto, with a home methodology (480 cases) and dates from the last week of March. There, a couple of data are exposed and stand out: Llaryora is the Cordovan politician with the best image after Schiaretti; and the mayor appears as the one with the greatest intention to vote for governor. However, in the summation by forces, Together has more candidates and higher percentages if there is unity, compared to the official armed We do for Córdoba. That is to say, the leadership of brands continues to be held by Together above the PJ from Cordoba.

After a first approach that consolidates Schiaretti as the one with the best image in Córdoba (72% positive with 61% good and 11% very good), Llaryora is left with 67% positive (57% good and 10% very good) and behind them come Judge, De Loredo and Mario Negri.

While, in the hand in hand between Llaryora and Judge, when asked about who they would vote for, 45% responded for the current mayor and 38% for the senator. Likewise, in the comparison with De Loredo, the numbers give the Peronist 52 to 26 above the Radical.

However, in the measurement of forces, Peronism faces a problem that some in llaryorism had been anticipating: more players are missing. Deputy Governor Manuel Calvo has a 1% voting intention (Llaryora 34%), while Together has more variants -Judge, De Loredo, Negri, Mestre and Gustavo Santos- that in the sum give the force 41%. .

The other problem that the PJ does not solve when thinking about the succession of Schiaretti is the Cordovan capital. In the Corinto survey it is reflected that the one who leads that section is De Loredo (26%) and leads all of Peronism, where the best measure is Natalia de la Sota (22%).

The possibility of a formula between Llaryora and Llamosas, mayors of the two most important cities of Córdoba, attracts Peronists who passed through Albertism such as Martín Gill, who decided not to confront Schiaretti.

Finally, in a matter of days in Córdoba’s Peronism there were movements to surround Llaryora. One of them was the two meetings with his peer from Río Cuarto, Juan Manuel Llamosas, in less than a week. The first last Friday in the south of the province and the second this week in Córdoba.

Some see a formula between the mayors of the two most important cities in the province. Armed with the endorsement of Schiaretti and to which Peronists who passed through the ranks of Albertism could be added and who prior to last weekend’s interns lowered their weapons, such is the case of the mayor of Villa María, Martín Gill, who decided not to confront Schiaretti.

And that, after last Monday’s meeting in Villa María, the Cordovan Kirchnerists themselves see him increasingly closer to Schiarettism.

Analysis: Gabriel Silva (Online Politics)