On the eve of a new election day, the candidate for mayor for the Workers’ Left Front (FIT), Laura Vilcheswas on the floor of The Morning of C to talk about your campaign.

The teacher assured that she carried out a campaign “pure lung”, since they do not have the resources of the largest parties such as Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba and Juntos por el Cambio. In this sense, he criticized the main candidates and emphasized their struggle to enter a seat in the Deliberative Council.

Regarding his proposals, Vilches stressed the importance of “address the issue of housing and rent problems, low wages, inflation and the problem of rights and violence against women”. And he added: “The Secretariat for Women and Gender of the Municipality is in position No. 21 in terms of budget. It is very low.”

In addition, he expressed: “The problem of drug trafficking is scandalous, but it is not up to the PJ to be scandalized when they have governed for 24 years. They are discussing this problem to divert the attention of others, they only govern for the richest sectors of the city. The candidate assured that schiarettismo has favored real estate developers, multinationals and has done great business with transportation and garbage companies.

On the other hand, he said that on his agenda there are also issues such as job insecurity, lack of education and the need to improve health and transportation in the city of Córdoba.

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