After waiting for the pandemic, Married with children It already has a release date for 2023 at the Gran Rex Theater.

The play that has its origins in the acclaimed Argentine series will star Guillermo Francella, Florencia Peña, Luisana Lopilato, Darío Lopilato and Marcelo de Bellis. The protagonists met to announce the expected return.

The reunion of the cast of "Married with children" (Photo: Instagram / lauraubfal).

The original date for the premiere was June 2020, with the participation of almost all the original actors of the series. However, due to conflicts with the production, Erica Rivas, the actress who played the character of María Elena Fusenemo, will not participate in the play.

Regarding this, the artist in dialogue with FiloNews she said they took her away from the work. “As a woman, as an actress, as a feminist, it was very important to me. What happens is that I’m not going to do anything, but good. It still hurts what they did. It hurts, it was ugly. Send a private email to one of those horrible programs. They fired me”