Going out to the square, walking, exercising, taking the children to play… a typical afternoon outing that is affected by the amount of waste left by the dogs, and their owners don’t dare to get up. In the grass, on the sidewalk and even on the benches, pet feces remain as a “little gift”, and hinder the recreation of other neighbors.

On his cell phone, Nacho Cadario managed to talk to a neighbor who stated that “nobody takes care of anything”: “No one carries a bag like me, nor does it pick it up with napkins. They leave everything lying around. It is always full. The square has been beautiful, and people from everywhere. We would have to take care of it a little more,” complained the woman, who also pointed out that there are facilities in that space such as the hot-cold water taps and the solar panel, which have been vandalized and broken. She also highlighted the work of those who keep the square clean.

On the other hand, a worker from the Municipal Directorate of Green Spaces expressed that “there is a lot of dog poop, people don’t pick it up. It’s all dirty. We have to pick it up ourselves. They have to come with the bag and pick up the dog poop.” dogs, there are people who do, and people who don’t. Our function is different, it is to collect all the papers”.

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Coverage by Nacho Cadario