Radio Nacional will premiere this Friday, on the occasion of the Day of the Affirmation of Argentine Rights on the Malvinas Islands, the podcast “Malvinas, the voices of memory”, which recovers sounds of the war that occurred in 1982 and its echoes in the present.

“With premiere episodes every Friday, Radio Nacional retrieves sound files, letters, anecdotes, stories, texts, testimonies in a sound work that is careful, original, committed, essential to continue breaking the silence,” the public station stated in a statement. .

The first episode “Were you the one in the photo in Malvinas?” It is a “sound fiction based on almost real events” and you can listen to the story of a mother who reproduces her letters to her mechanical son who was sent to Puerto Argentino. The story of one of the many soldiers who were the cover of the Argentine media.

The other chapters will address the role of the media in 1982, the 168 communiqués of the dictatorship that were issued from April 2 to June 14, and the return of the soldiers.

“The public media propose with these contents a collective exercise of memory about the Malvinas Islands, the war, the veterans, the fallen and sovereignty,” reported Radio Nacional.

The broadcast of the podcast will be through the Spotify platform and on the Radio Nacional website, and on Spotify and iTunes of Nacional Rock.