On Daddy Yankee’s farewell tour, “La Última Vuelta World Tour”, a fan of the singer took all eyes. It is nothing more and nothing less than a policeman who was working on the show that the reggaeton artist offered in Atlanta.

It all happened while Yankee sang one of his best known hits “Calmly”. All the public that was there began to dance, even the officer who did not hesitate to take a few steps.

The moment was captured by the cameras that are recording the artist’s tour. The video was later shared on social media and quickly went viral.

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It should be remembered that Daddy Yankee announced his retirement from the world of music after three decades in which he made the whole world dance. The singer plans to spend the next six months performing on stages in different countries.

So far the artist has played in Denver, Colorado, Phoenix, Seattle, San Jose, Las Vegas and Atlanta, in each of these cities the tickets sold out immediately.

Watch the video here: