For this Tuesday, February 7, the Polo Obrero will march in different parts of Argentina to demand the suspension of almost 155,000 beneficiaries of the Empower Work plan.

From the Ministry of Social Development, they assured that the casualties were due to the fact that many did not validate their data in the Mi Argentina app.

On the other hand, the social organization also questions that “the adjustment in State spending not only affects the unemployed, the minimum pensions that are governed by the minimum wage are below indigence, hospitals and schools suffer a cut year year after year, due to inflation that also eats up the income of unregistered workers or ‘black workers’ that exceeds 50% of active workers, there is no access to land and housing for millions of young couples because there is no public work”.

For the City of Buenos Aires, the protests will be centralized in Pueyrredón Bridge, La Noria Bridge, West Access and Panamericana.

While, in the city of Córdoba, the march will begin at the Centennial Bridge at 9:30 a.m. and it is expected that they will head towards the Ministry of Social Development and the Patio Olmos.