On the morning of this Thursday, the Polo Obrero mobilizes through the central streets of the city of Córdoba with the main claim for 24 workers from the company Atanor de Río Tercero who were dismissed from their work.

As reported in a dialogue with Channel C by the main leader of the Polo Obrero, Emanuel Berardo, around 11 in the morning the column of protesters was “arriving at the province’s labor ministry on Rivadavia street.”

On the other hand, there is a call at 5:00 p.m. for a “Plenary of organizations with the Polo Obrero, the Classist Union Coordinator, ATE, CTA, SUNDA, PAICOR workers, Chemical workers, among others. We are going to discuss the political situation in general, the adjustment, and we are going to vote on actions of struggle at the provincial level”. This meeting will be public in the former Plaza Vélez Sarsfield.

Berardo anticipated, on the other hand, that March 3 there will be another plenary in a general assembly at the national level in the Plaza de Mayo by the Piquetera Unit, where protest actions will be voted throughout the country.

These actions take place within the framework of the discussion in the Legislature of Córdoba regarding a possible “regulation” of the protests, to prevent the circulation and labor development of the rest of the citizenry from being harmed. The Neighborhood Center of the Centro neighborhood seeks legislation that does not impede the exercise of the right to protest, but that in its execution does not advance the rights of merchants and passers-by.

Prosecutor Ernesto de Aragón said that “he never left the protocol” established for the demonstrations. In dialogue with Cadena 3, the lawyer maintained that “the same measures that have been followed have been followed, provision for monitoring the marches to protect both private property and the movement of protesters and a fence where they are concentrated to guarantee a circulation vehicular flow to avoid the chaos that is usually generated”.

Berardo, in turn, maintains that the police presence of the past operations was “excessive” and that in the protest this Thursday the median road for circulation is guaranteed.