A popular jury will define next Thursday if the lawyer Marcelo Macarrón was the one who ordered the murder of his wife Nora Dalmasso. The crime occurred on November 25, 2006 in the Villa Golf neighborhood of the Córdoba city of Río Cuarto.

For his part, this Tuesday, the prosecutor of the trial, Julio Rivero, will announce his plea and whether or not he is going to request a sentence for the accused. The widower remains free and is tried for homicide qualified by the bond and by price or promise of remuneration. If Rivero does not accuse, the jury will not be able to return a guilty verdict.

Also today, in the courts of Río Cuarto, Macarrón’s defense will give his plea, which will be in charge of criminal lawyer Marcelo Brito.

On Thursday, at a time to be defined, the popular jury made up of eight members and after hearing the last words of the accused, will announce its decision on whether or not Macarrón is convicted. If found guilty, judges Daniel Vaudagna, Natacha García and Gustavo Echenique Esteve will impose the sentence.

In case of being acquitted, Nora Dalmasso’s crime will go unpunished, since it prescribed by the passage of time and, if the person or persons who killed her emerge, they cannot be judged.