Martín Ernesto Luzi “El Porteño”, sentenced by Justice for carrying out extortive kidnappings, enjoys the regime of transitory exits. He left for the city of Córdoba in the morning hours. He left the Ezeiza prison today at 9 o’clock, will spend two days with his relatives and will have to return to the prison on Tuesday at the same time.

Martín Ernesto Luzi was sentenced to 25 years in prison for kidnapping for ransom. He currently enjoys the right to transitional departures. “As a condition, it is established that there is a tutor, in this case his partner who is going to accompany him,” said his defender Jorge Sánchez del Bianco, giving details about the transfer to Córdoba.

According to his lawyer, Luzi was authorized to travel accompanied by his partner. “He has made use of his right to temporary exit. He has requested that it become effective this weekend. We are waiting for the administrative decision, ”he told Miter Córdoba on Thursday from Bianco.

Source: Radio Miter Córdoba