After the inflation rate of 7.4% in July, the rise in food does not seem to stop, since in the first fifteen days of August they registered a rise of 3%, according to private consultants.

The data comes from a survey by the consulting firm LCG, which measures 8,000 foods in five commercial chains. However, during the second week the rate of redialing decreased, which was 0.74%, well below the 2.1% that marked the first week.

Meanwhile, a study carried out by the consulting firm EcoGo showed a lower level of increase in prices with a variation of 1.1% in food compared to the previous week, which represents a slowdown in the rate.

The general level of inflation in August would be 6.1%, driven both by the drag in July and by the rise in prepaid (11.34%), schools in PBA (9%), train and bus fares in AMBA ( 40%) and expenses (between 6% and 10%), EcoGo brand.

Meanwhile, the LCG study indicated that the products that increased the most were: beverages and infusions to consume at home: 3.8%; condiments and other food products: 3.4%; sugar, honey, sweets and cocoa: 3%; oils: 2.4%; vegetables: 2.1%; fruits: 1.8%; dairy products and eggs: 0.7%​.

Source: NA