After months of internship among PRO leaders, it was finally decided that there be a single candidate for head of government in CABA. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich agreed to this yesterday along with Mauricio Macri and María Eugenia Vidal.

Finally, Fernán Quirós and Jorge Macri will not compete in an internal one in the primary elections, but a single candidate will be defined based on surveys. In parallel, they confirmed that in the province of Buenos Aires they will go to PASO.

Rodríguez Larreta defined long ago that his candidate is Diego Santillihowever, Patricia Bullrich still has to define between Javier Iguacel, Néstor Grindetti and Cristian Ritondo.

“This morning we had a meeting in which progress was made on this agreement. Sounds like two good decisions to me. They (Bullrich and Larreta) advanced in that agreement that represents progress with respect to the unity and order that the people ask of us, that all the time ask us to be united, “said María Eugenia Vidal after the meeting in dialogue with radio The Observer.

In addition, the national deputy revealed that she will support her former Security Minister, Cristian Ritondo, in the province of Buenos Aires, but clarified that she will not express favoritism for any candidate in CABA.

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