The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining launches the “Protected Tourist” program with the aim of carrying out checks throughout the month of July in the different valleys and tourist spots in the province of Córdoba to prevent tourists who visit Córdoba from being victims of some kind of scam.

Through the program, preventive actions will be developed in relation to rental contracts, alerting and providing information and recommendations to visitors so that they have safe consumer relationships and avoid being victims of possible scams. Also, controls are carried out so that businesses and providers of different services comply with the provisions of National Law No. 24,240 on Consumer Protection and Commercial Loyalty.

As for gastronomic suppliers, it is found that they display the complete price list of the products at the main entrance of the establishment and that they offer a virtual menu per table for customers.

In addition, the ministry launched a series of recommendations for tourists:

-Avoid hiring or renting properties through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace), by phone or WhatsApp.

-Avoid renting properties on public roads without knowing their status and conditions.

-Verify that the accommodation provider is registered in the records of the Ministry of Tourism of the town you wish to visit or with the Córdoba Tourism Agency. (

-Make sure the property exists (google maps, consult nearby businesses, etc.).

-Contract services in writing. If it is by phone or online, request the management number, data of the person who attends and physical address of the company or the owner of the property.

-Require ticket or purchase invoice.

-When paying by transfer or deposit, check that the bank details match those of the owner of the property.

-Request the refund of the deposit if the property and/or contracted service does not comply with the pre-established.

-Verify that the prices of products and/or services coincide with those published in the promotions.

-When buying with a credit card, keep an eye on it and verify the coupon before signing it.

– Surcharges are prohibited on purchases made with a debit or credit card, in a single payment).

-Control credit card statements. You have 30 days to disavow a purchase that has not been made.

-When contracting recreational activities, check the list of authorized providers on the website of the Córdoba Tourism Agency (

For queries, claims and complaints, contact the Province Consumer Defense Directorate:

  • To the 0800-444-5698(Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • E-mail: [email protected] – [email protected]
  • Facebook: Consumer Protection Córdoba,
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