A new edition of “Córdoba Plays” has arrived, a program that seeks to put thousands of Cordobans in motion. The proposal has 42 conventional sports disciplines, 12 sports adapted activities for older adults.

“Córdoba Juega”: the program that puts thousands of children from Córdoba on the move • Channel C

Ignacio Barani, Head of Social Sports at the Córdoba Sports Agency, referred to how “Córdoba Plays” is being developed, the program consists of two stages: on the one hand, the primary level with boys up to sixth grade, called Cordobesitos Play, with zonal, regional instances and a definition The other stage is at the middle level, with school sports games that will have their provincial stage in September, in the city of Embalse and some activities in Córdoba Capital.

As for the sports disciplines available, the official referred to the wide range of options: “When we talk about sports at the school stage, we talk about athletics, handball, soccer and basketball, but we also add the sports that we come from the Córdoba Sports Agency supporting, such as rugby, hockey, volleyball and also always counting on the area of ​​adapted sports present in the school”.

Registration is available for those who wish to participate and can do so by registering through the Córdoba Sports Agency website.