Former President Mauricio Macri presented his second book “Why” at an event attended by his family, former ministers of his administration and the front page of the PRO. While the unknown hovers over whether he will be a candidate next year, he took aim at the national government by stating that “progressive” and “cynical” discourse is no longer banked. In addition, he encouraged electoral competition within Together for Change.

“We have to fight back. With those ideas they are wrong, let their children tell them. The world is not managed this way. It is the most emblematic case of Airlines. With that money we can do so many works. Where the hell are the priorities?” “They don’t run me anymore, no progressive can run us. That progressive, cynical speech, I don’t bank it anymore,” shot the former head of state.

The course of the conversation followed the line of the chapters of Why, so there was no shortage of anecdotes from Macri’s former classmates at the Cardinal Newman College, the first steps in the SOCMA company, his kidnapping, the arrival to the presidency of Boca Juniors and their landing in politics.

Among the prominent figures, was the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta; the president of the National Council of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich; Maximiliano Ferraro, representing the Civic Coalition; Mario Negri and Rodrigo de Loredo for the Radical Civic Union; Miguel Ángel Pichetto of the Federal Peronism; Roberto García Moritán on behalf of the United Republicans, a space led by Ricardo López Murphy; the deputy María Eugenia Vidal and the deputy Diego Santilli.

Source: NA