President Alberto Fernández offered exactly a week ago the millionaire donation for a total of 1,600,000 pesos to close the cause of the Olivos party, in which Fabiola Yáñez’s birthday was celebrated in full quarantine in 2020. Today, the federal prosecutor of San Isidro Fernando Domínguez accepted the amount.

Now the final decision is in the hands of Judge Lino Mirabelli, who will be able to approve the agreement so that the President ends up overwhelmed. “I consider the proposal made reasonable,” Domínguez said, while stating that the amount offered “would cover the price of a respirator to be used in ICU care modules for patients with COVID 19, or a total of forty days of hospitalization in ICU care module with ARM for a patient with COVID 19″.

The prosecutor also proposed that the money be allocated to the National Administration of Laboratories and Health Institutes Dr. Carlos G. Malbrán, where the money can be made available for the tasks of the institute. If approved, from that moment on, Alberto Fernández will have ten business days to deposit the money in a bank account. It should be noted that the president is evaluating the possibility of requesting a loan to be able to cover the expense.

The first lady also offered an amount as a donation, but a little less: $1,400,000.