The trial with popular juries for the crime of his wife Nora Dalmasso, committed in 2006 in Río Cuarto, will resume this Tuesday with the closing of the incorporation of evidence and the beginning of the arguments stage. This will be the occasion in which the prosecution will have to decide if it maintains the accusation that weighs on the widower and only accused so far, Marcelo Macarrón.

On June 22, the 38th hearing of the debate was held, which was then passed to the intermediate room until July 5 at 9, when the parties must inform if they are going to produce more evidence or close that instance.

The 39th hearing will take place in the courts of Río Cuarto and, according to a source linked to the process, “if there are no procedural steps that are not planned, that same day the parties will present their arguments.”

Macarrón (62) was sent to trial as a defendant for the crime of “homicide qualified by the link, by treachery and by price or remuneration promise in ideal contest” by the prosecutor Luis Pizarro, the last one who instructed the case.

The trial began on March 14 and, a day later, the orthopedic doctor rejected the accusation and argued that prosecutor Pizarro was a “total liar.” “I totally deny the accusation. It is unreasonable that I am a murderer and that I hired murderers to kill Nora. I am innocent, I always told the truth,” said the widower before the technical court and the popular jury.

Source: Telam