This Tuesday was inaugurated the Crib Room number 490, “My little world” by the Minister of Social Development, Carlos Masseitogether with the Undersecretary of Planning and Management of the Municipality of Córdoba, Eugenia Pomazán. It will work with a double shift and will have a quota of 60 children.

The space is performed under the tutelage of the Civil Association “Share”giving mothers and fathers in the area the possibility of working or studying while taking care of their children.

“This program is not a coincidence, it is a causality. It has to do with the present State and with equal opportunities”expressed masseiemphasizing that it is a “State policy of permanent work, articulated with the Municipality of Córdoba”.

The Ministry of Social Development He provided this new room with electrical appliances, tableware sets, cribs and children’s games, among other elements.

The program nursery constitutes an associated management between the provincial State and the municipalities and communes, in which early childhood spaces are created for the care of girls and boys between the ages of 45 days to 3 years, from sectors in a situation of vulnerability. It contributes to their psychosocial development, through early stimulation and the social and labor insertion of their responsible adults.

The Cordovan capital already has 185 rooms in operation and with more than 6,600 children contained in the program.