The Provincial Council of Social Policies met this Thursday with government, social, religious, academic, union, commercial and business organizations, to discuss the current social situation. They all agreed that the general economic scenario is going through a very complicated situation and they emphasized the need for a greater presence of the State.

In relation to this, the Minister of Social Development, Carlos Massei, referred to the current programs whose purpose is the assistance and containment of the most vulnerable sectors, such as Paicor, Más Leche Más Proteínas, Nurseries, among others. “In Córdoba we work on all these issues from an interministerial approach through the Social Cabinet, to bring a comprehensive response,” Massei said.

After an extensive dialogue, it was decided to increase the allocation for the financing of social projects presented in 2022 by social and civil organizations, going from 40 million to 63 million pesos the amount allocated for these purposes. This fund will be used to support the public and private sectors for projects with a high social impact, production and job placement.

For his part, the Minister of Community Engagement and Communication, Paulo Cassinerio, detailed the work carried out by the Province with the creation of neighborhood councils, sports fields, among other projects. “Through this network we work so that the response to problems is comprehensive and effective enough to continue strengthening the sense of community,” said Cassinerio.

The province will allocate $63 million to finance social projects • Canal C

Source: Cba Press