In an act headed by the lieutenant governor Manuel Calvo and the mayor of Rio Primero, Verónica Gazzoni, the act for Flag Day was held in the Domingo Faustino Sarmiento square in the city of Monte Cristo.

During the celebration, Monsignor Ángel Rossi offered a prayer to the flag. In addition, the Federales de Bustos carried out the raising of the two flags, Argentina and Córdoba, and the verses of the song Aurora were sung, by the Córdoba Penitentiary Service Band, directed by Bruno Miranda.

Manuel Calvo highlighted the importance of this national date. ”Let us proudly celebrate Flag Day, a symbol of our country and our identity. Let’s make its beautiful colors always fly at the top,” he said, adding: “May our Flag unite us in the dream of a Nation with more opportunities for all, with the values ​​of Freedom and Independence that Belgrano bequeathed us. Respecting it and defending it is our duty. Happy Flag Day!”.

In addition, the Vice Governor took the promise to the students of the schools: Margarita Vázquez Ludueña de Lazo (76 students), 25 de Mayo (78) and Maestro Domingo Nogal (57 students); the rural schools Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (from Media Luna Sud, 15 students), Antarctica Argentina (from Kilometer 691, 15 students); the Private Parochial Institute of Monte Cristo (54 students); and the Dr. Jerónimo de Moragas Special School (1 student).

Likewise, Manuel Calvo took the cadets of the Police school and the cadets of the 2nd year of the Penitentiary Service to swear allegiance to the national flag.

Then, the surrender of honors to the Flag was carried out, with the parade of: Malvinas Veterans, Federal Bustos, Gendarmerie, prison service, Córdoba Police. And two couples from the municipal dance corps, accompanied by the Police Music Band, delighted those present with traditional dances.