The Netflix platform has been causing a furor with each premiere that reaches its screen. Now he released a psychological thriller that is among the most watched in 65 countries. The feature film is directed by Ignacio Tatay and with barely a week on the service, it is becoming a sensation among those who have already seen it.

We are talking about “La Jaula”, a movie starring Paula (Elena Anaya) and her husband who live a somewhat abnormal experience on their return home. Along the way they meet a girl, Clara (Eva Tennear), wandering down a totally dark street. They decide to help her and leave her in a nearby hospital, however weeks after she finds out that no one claimed her and they decide to adopt her.

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From will develop a horror story for the new family. The most disturbing side of this feature film is that it is inspired by real events. The director stated that he knew this story in 2010 and then decided to take it to the big screen. that he has transferred to his film, giving it a twist that distances it from the morbidity that he generated from the original story. The cage recovers this story gives it a twist in which drama, suspense and terror are also part of it.

Watch the trailer here: