By Ma.Gabriela Simonetti

With a massive attendance, as it has not been seen for a long time, the Parque de las Tejas was the scene of the First Edition of the “Re-Festival”, an unprecedented event in the province and the country, with the focus placed purely and exclusively on the endless possibilities we have to recycle and create a much more sustainable, clean and environmentally friendly city.

Thus, from 12 noon the people of Córdoba from different neighborhoods of the provincial capital, approached the traditional green space of the Nueva Córdoba neighborhood, abiding by the main slogan: bring materials that can be recycled and thus give them a second use.

The day helped (a lot) in the development of the event. With a maximum temperature that almost touched 25°, everything went as expected, even exceeding the expectations of some. It is estimated that around 40,000 people were present and that the material that was brought to the celebration reached 6,000 kilos of dry waste (as reported by the city’s Public Works and Services entity, (COyS).

Once inside the venue where the celebration took place, there were the stalls to leave the material that each one was carrying and they were given a medal made with sustainable material as recognition.

A point to highlight in the day were the stands that made known the different undertakings. “I think it is a great success of the Coys and the Municipality of Córdoba, to stage different elements of sustainability” expressed Iván from the company “Mercado de la Tierra”, with which they advise anyone who is interested in the elaboration of the different types of organic gardens.

Another attraction of the event was the driving simulator space, in order to sensitize people to problems such as alcohol and drugs, distracted driving, among other aspects.

In addition to a circular economy area and a stage with live music, the RE – FESTIVAL had a gastronomic area, where information on the circular economy was provided, since everything that was delivered with the food will be material that can be retrieve.

The "re-festival" collected 6 thousand kilos of dry waste • Canal C

One thing to keep in mind is that the Parque de las Tejas is available every day, 24 hours a day to bring recyclables. There, the CoyS staff is in charge of removing them, to later be reinserted through the Circular Economy.

Without a doubt, it was a “Re Festival” in which no one was missing, such as the artists Lit Killah, Zoe Gotusso, Hipnotica, Luck Ra and Dj Fer Palacio, putting the finishing touch to a day full of music, and the implementation of sustainable habits.