Everything can happen in the soap opera that Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi mounted with their crisis and separation? And while the blonde assures that she is single and that she has no plans to return to the father of her daughters Francesca and Isabella, the Galatasaray player from Turkey insists with messages of love on social networks, implying that they are still together.

As if this were not enough, Mauro made a fleeting trip to Buenos Aires, in theory, to try to rebuild his marriage. “Icardi came ‘surprise’ to Argentina (he did not play in Istanbul) he went to Núñez’s apartment, Wanda did not let him in and he left with a suitcase, the lawyer and the hairdresser,” Ángel De Brito said on his social networks, pointing to Ana Rosenfeld and Kenny Palacios as mediators. And he added: “The most important thing: Icardi traveled because Wanda sent the formal request for separation to Italy. Once settled in justice, they are summoned to sign a divorce petition.”

However, behind his visit to Argentina a work motive would be hidden. As revealed by Gente, the athlete from Rosario would have participated in the recordings of Who is the mask?, a cycle in which Wanda officiates as “investigator”. A detail not minor is that when he left the country, Icardi stated that he was “happy” and knowing the press moves that the marriage usually has, it would not be surprising if they “reconcile” in the Telefe reality show, which incidentally comes loose in the rating.

Beyond these theories, Wanda remains firm in her position as a recently separated woman. And while she avoids giving definitions about her relationship with Mauro and her feelings, she remains close to L-gante. Neither slow nor lazy, she chose the popular singer, who has been on everyone’s lips for months, to accompany her in the photographic campaign for her sports brand line. And although it would not be the first time that the blonde has used a good strategy to draw attention to a launch of her brand, the young man spends a lot of time at her house and also shows her affection on the networks.