The photos of Kylian Mbappé and the transgender model Inés Rau turned the French soccer player into a target of criticism and Flor de la V took the subject to Intruders to invite viewers to reflect. “Yesterday it was published, we named him Mbappé, who did not know him very well, an important media outlet came out that they found him on a yacht with a young lady, the graph was ‘I got out of there Mbappé’, because she is a trans model,” the driver began. .

“It makes me reflect, the misogyny, the machismo, the transodio, how it is installed in world football. If the situation had arisen with a heterosexual lady, they would celebrate it,” he added. And he continued his release: “Inés is a bomb, very beautiful but she is trans. It made me angry to read that, because it is like trans people do not deserve to be loved, to have the possibility of being known, of being kissed, of having a relationship, it’s amazing to talk about this in 2022. I’m surprised.”

He also pointed out that the athlete and the model had already been seen together at a film festival. And he dedicated a special message to the scorer: “He deserves my respect, I don’t know if he is the girlfriend or not, but I love that he has the courage to be with a trans woman in a world where there is still prejudice against us, where there is still there is that hatred. There is the freedom for a person to decide who they can be with. “

Finally, Flor asked that the criticism of Mbappé serve to become aware of the damage they cause. “Since we are entering the World Cup, this is something to highlight and I deeply repudiate because I think that at this time we must embrace diversities and not do what they do: get out of there with your transphobic message,” she concluded.

Who is Ines Rau? The 31-year-old model gained popularity in 2017, when she became the first trans woman to grace the cover of Playboy.