In the last few hours, a violent episode of which Ulises Bueno was a victim during a show he gave at the Tornado dance club, located in José C. Paz, in the province of Buenos Aires, went viral. There the artist was robbed of his belongings.

The desperate scream of several spectators alerted the security personnel, who immediately ran to help the musician. “Stop crazy stop! Why did they throw me off the stage?” Ulises is heard saying Bueno, while he was in a crowd of people.

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Finally, once the artist was able to return to the stage, he unloaded on his attackers. The NotiTropicales medium recounted that once he was able to recover, the musician said: “They went to the car… Crazy what’s going on? Did I do something to you? Why are you treating me this way? They stole my chains, that’s not done. There are things that should not be done. Many years working on this, so that they treat me in this way. And if anyone has dignity, give me back my cap, which is a personal gift”.