At dawn this Saturday, the genocidal Miguel Etchecolatz died at the age of 93. The former head of the Buenos Aires police during the last military dictatorship was serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity.

The repressor suffered from cognitive impairment, heart failure, venous insufficiency, and other complications from an ischemic stroke. He had been transferred to a clinic in Merlo, where he finally died.

Guadalupe Godoy, one of the lawyers who led the lawsuit against the genocide in the case of the disappearance of Jorge Julio López, announced the news through Twitter: “Etchecolatz passed away. In a common prison and without saying where they are”.

The repressor Miguel Etchecolatz died • Channel C

Two months ago, Etchecolatz received his ninth life sentence, along with another former police officer. Julio Cesar Garachicoaccused of having kidnapped and tortured seven victims and murdered another three.