Within the framework of the measures taken to “take care of the reserves” of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, of which the control of some imports is the most recent, the new Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis, affirmed that “the right to travel collides with the right to jobs” and that “all measures will be taken so that the reserves are turned over to production”.

When asked in an interview in TN about the possibility of restrictive measures being taken for the acquisition of dollars to travel abroad, the official expressed that “the dollar is a scarce resource and those dollars have to be available to expand the productive matrix.

Notwithstanding this, the newspaper Ámbito publishes that the Government maintained that “no measure is currently being studied” in that direction. However, Batakis gave some clues as to what could be decided in the not too distant future in this regard, pointing out that various situations will have to be addressed in the framework of the dollar shortage.

In this direction, he insisted that “everyone has the right to vacations, but we have to invite them to vacation in the country as well. We have the World Cup in the middle and that demands a lot of foreign currency,” adding that “we have to manage the reserves for that there are much more dollars for the country to grow and that they be used for production”.

Source: TN

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