The national government made official this Friday, through Resolution 4/2022 published in the Official Gazette, the rise in the Minimum Vital and Mobile Salary.

This is an accumulated increase of 45% in four tranches that will culminate in December, when it reaches $47,850.

According to the schedule that was approved, as of April 1st, salaries will have a base of $38,940 per month for all those “who work full legal hours” and $194.70 per hour for daily workers.

Meanwhile, from June 1, these figures will be $42,240 and $211.20, respectively; from August 1, $45,540 and $227.70, and on December 1 will be the last increase, so they will reach $47,850 and $239.30.

In percentages, the measure translates into increases of 18% in April, 10% in June, 10% in August, and 7% in December.

SEE: The Minimum Wage will rise 45% and will reach $47,850 in December

The Resolution, signed by the Minister of Labor Claudio Moroni, covers “all workers included in the Labor Contract Regime approved by Law No. 20,744 (to 1976) and its amendments, in the Agrarian Labor Regime, of the Administration National Public and all entities and agencies of the NATIONAL STATE in which it acts as an employer, a Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary, excluding family allowances, and in accordance with the provisions of article 140 of Law No. 24,013 and its modifications”.

The corresponding increase in the minimum and maximum amounts of the unemployment benefit is also detailed, which were set as follows: $10,817 and $18,028, respectively, as of April 1, 2022; $11,733 and $19,556, from June 1; $12,650 and $21,083, in August, and $13,292 and $22,153, in December.