The Ministry of Transport issued a statement to circulate with greater caution on national routes during Easter, due to the large influx of cars on them. Among the recommendations are avoiding consuming alcohol before driving, not carrying out reckless maneuvers such as improper overtaking and not using the cell phone while driving.

They also recommend starting the trip with enough rest; that all occupants are fastened with a seat belt if the trip is by car, and with a helmet and reflective vests if it is by motorcycle; and respect the speed limits and road markings.

The executive director of the ANSV, Pablo Martínez Carignano, through a statement said: “We need to change road habits and customs. We want to make road safety a daily issue on the table of families and that road accidents stop of being the leading cause of death for young people in the country”.

On the other hand, the Security Agency recalled the documentation and the mandatory elements to travel, which include the National Identity Document, the National Driver’s License in physical format, the green card or blue card, the valid proof of insurance, the proof of RTO (Mandatory Technical Review) or VTV (Vehicle Technical Verification), the patent plates placed visible, without alterations and in good condition, and the Fire Extinguisher with a valid date and triangular beacons.