Despite being considered by the Taste Atlas platform as the best dish in the Americas, the asado today it is considered almost a luxury for many. Like every month, the North Market carried out its own survey called “roast index”, to determine the cost of a complete barbecue for 10 diners. In the month of March they registered a rise of 5.2% with respect to the previous month.

According to the report published this Tuesday, the costs are as follows using the different cuts (in all cases the value of coal, meat, vegetables or eggs for salads, drinks -wine and soda- and dessert -ice cream or fruit):

• Beef: $18,924
• Steer meat: $16,594
• Pork: $15,094
• Chicken meat: $10,974

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It should be remembered that the months of February and March were strongly marked by inflation around food. This Friday, INDEC will release data on the consumer price index for the third month, and it is expected to exceed 7 points, around 20% during the first quarter of the year.