With the signatures of senators from the Frente de Todos, the project promoted by the Peronist governors to expand the Supreme Court entered the upper house. The proposal presented this Thursday expands the Supreme Court of Justice to 25 members, as promoted by 18 governors, mostly Peronists, with the endorsement of the Casa Rosada.

The initiative, which has five articles, was introduced with the impetus of the heads of the Frente de Todos interbloc, José Mayans, and Anabel Fernández Sagasti.

According to the articles, the current four judges of the highest court remain in office, while another twenty-one members from different parts of the country are added in accordance with the procedure established by the National Constitution and the regulations.

The senators raised about the expansion to 25 members: “It is important that the number of judges of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation bear some relation to the population, since a greater number of inhabitants generates greater litigation that, logically, comes to the Court through the corresponding procedural channels”.

Source: NA