“Amigo de lo ajeno” is the new number by Miguel Martín (alias ‘Official Gordillo’, his main character), and thousands of people from all over the country came together to see him perform in the different presentations that he has been doing throughout the season of summer 2023.

Ivi Merlo, at Espacio Canal C, had the opportunity to interview the comedian from the Luxor Theater, where the man from Tucumán is performing his show in Villa Carlos Paz. There, Martín recounted that the show in the Plaza Próspero Molina in Cosquín was the largest public in front of which he had ever performed, since more than 8,000 spectators attended.

“I was surprised, I did not expect it. I thought that nothing else was going to be done by the family, but the truth is that I am very happy. It filled up, it went from boat to boat. I felt like a rockstar! Never in my life did I act for so much people”counted.

After to win the Carlos de la Gente award at the Carlos Awards, ‘Gordillo’ begins to say goodbye to a more than fruitful season. In Espacio Canal C he was encouraged to tell how his beginnings in humor were, how Carlos Paz gradually opened the doors to bring his particular humor to Córdoba, and thanked the people of Cordoba for having received him year after year.

Check out the iconic moments from the interview: