This Wednesday began Provincial Instance of the 54th Edition. of the Science and Technology Fair de Córdoba, a public exhibition where the scientific-technological productions of students of all modalities and levels of the Provincial Educational System are shown.

It consists of two days with about 700 people, representing 200 educational establishments in 80 locations of the entire province. There they expose their work, learning, knowledge and experiences that turned out to be the most outstanding in the previous instances.

The Science and Technology Fair will take place on Thursday, November 3, where the provincial representatives will be announced.

From here 50 proposals will be selected who will represent Córdoba in the national instance that will take place in the coming weeks.

The Science and Technology Fair continues • Channel C

Minister Pablo De Chiara greeted and thanked those participating in this edition of the Fair for their presence: “This event, with so much talent, with so much vocation and ingenuity, demonstrates the potential we have in the province and that Córdoba continues on the path of innovation, which is the path we have chosen to be able to carry out a process of social, personal and professional”.

For his part, Minister Walter Grahovac also welcomed students and teachers from all the participating institutions, those who came representing the 200 outstanding works and all those who participated in the different instances, while he valued the time dedicated to each of the jobs: “Thank you for the effort, the restlessness, the curiosity and the days and hours dedicated and to all those who make the joy of scientific culture possible. Hopefully next year more schools will be inspired by you and can participate.”