From November 22, the second edition of the Festival will take place, which brings together an important sample of Cordovan cinema. In addition to the galas and events until the 26th, in a complementary way there will be screenings and activities until the 7th of December.

Likewise, there will be premieres of feature films, replacements of titles that saw the light during this 2022, short films, documentaries and animations made in Córdoba, plus a retrospective of Cordovan cinema and a cycle of invited films that surprised during the last International Film Festival of Mar of the Silver.

This year the federal spirit with which Fecico was born is maintained, since the films will not only be seen in complexes in Córdoba Capital but also in important cities such as Villa María, Río Cuarto, Alta Gracia or Villa Carlos Paz.

The stars will be the local and invited audiovisual productions, but also the possibility for the public to meet the Cordovan artists and filmmakers who work throughout the year to make this industry bigger and bigger. Thus, actresses, actors, leaders of the technical teams, producers and the public will be part of the different encounters with our cinema, which will begin this Tuesday, November 22, 2022, with an opening gala at the Cabildo Histórico.

In the programming, films such as Matadero, animated short films such as Llovía, fiction short films such as Los misterios del mundo, among others, will be seen for the first time in Córdoba. There will also be recently released titles such as Yo, traitor, by Rodrigo Fernández Engler; Seven Dogs, by Rodrigo Guerrero; Under the bark, by Martín Heredia; or Lxs Disobedientes, by Nadir Medina. As a rescue of those films that marked a before and after in the history of Cordovan cinema, films such as De Caravana or El invierno de los raros will also return to theaters.

Within the framework of this Festival, the film Brujas del Cordobazo will be screened for three days in the city of Córdoba and three days in Río IV. It is worth mentioning that there are three days in common rooms with a difference of one day.

The second Cordovan Film Festival begins!  • Channel C
The second Cordovan Film Festival begins!  • Channel CThe second Cordovan Film Festival begins!  • Channel C

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The Mar del Plata International Film Festival is the only Class A Film Festival in Latin America. It has just concluded its 37th edition, where the presence of Cordoba did not go unnoticed, with award-winning films and short films.

This year, Fecico begins its section of invited festivals with Mardel, and there will be five selected titles that had an outstanding stage in the meeting on the Atlantic Coast. For example, you will see Saudade fez morada here inside, by Haroldo Borges, the great winner of the Mar del Pata International Competition; I have electric dreams, by Valentina Maurel; We will be millions, by Diego Briata and Santiago Vivaqua; The Visitor, by Martín Boulocq; or Buffalo, by Nicanor Loreti.

Here, the detail of the programming of the Cordoba Film Festival in every city.