This Monday, June 5, the second edition of the National Migrant Survey of Argentina (ENMA). The project is aimed at people over 18 years of age born abroad who currently reside in the Argentine Republic.

the ENMA It is promoted by a team of researchers from all over the country united in the Migration & Asylum Axis of the CONICET Human Rights Investigation Network. The main objective is to collect primary data on international migration, with a special focus on human rights.

In addition, it seeks to obtain updated, representative, objective and accessible information for the comprehensive defense of their rights. The results of the survey will serve to complement the official sources that in Argentina produce data on migration, which is freely accessible.

The survey will be implemented digitally and in person. From June 5 to 30, the self-administered online questionnaire will be availablewhich can be completed from a tablet, computer or phone by entering the following link

It is available in 5 languages: Spanish, English, Chinese, Wolof and Haitian Creole.

Between July 15 and August 15, social organizations from all over the country will be surveying migrants from face-to-face way

The survey is anonymous. Both in its digital and face-to-face modality, it does not request any data that allows the person surveyed to be identified.

Once data cleaning, cleaning and processing is done, a strict open data policy will be maintained.